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 After fighting for answers and receiving some negligent care since November of 2016, Maggie finally had a Doctor that actually listened to my concerns. 3 years later in November 2019 after many tests, scans and procedures, her Doctor discovered a mass of blood that could be the cause of pain and discomfort. What was supposed to be a minor procedure, turned into my worst nightmare. Maggie's Doctor discovered a large tumor on her reproductive organs and just 4 days later, Pathology confirmed a Stage 3, Germ Cell Yolk Sac Tumor. I cannot begin to explain the hurricane of emotions that flooded my every thought. After everything Maggie has dealt with in her short life, now Cancer? How was this her reality? The original plan was that Maggie would undergo 4 rounds of Chemotherapy to shrink the tumor small enough to have it surgically removed. After her 4 rounds, Doctors went back in and removed some of the minimally shrunken tumor but noticed that the cancer cells were still very active in certain areas. Unfortunately we are back at chemo for 2 more rounds and will start the process all over again. She has since lost all her beautiful curls and her lashes and brows are following suit. I have to keep reminding myself they will grow back. With that said, you know my girl. She is strong and brave, and will once again show the world what a fighter she is. #MaggieTheBrave will again defy the odds and prove that just because you’re little, doesn’t mean you can’t do BIG THINGS to change the world. 


As for me, well I'll be honest; at first I was in such despair, and felt guilty for not being positive. With everyone asking how I was doing, I wanted to be a light of Hope. I always try to keep a clear, positive perspective but I just couldn't get my head right. Over that first week it hit me; being just where I was in that moment, was OK. I was allowed to be negative and angry. I was allowed to wallow, be scared and process in my own time. That anger fueled me to help Maggie fight this horrible disease and even more, to help advocate for the thousands of parents that would just listen to the medical professionals and be too afraid to ask "WHY?". If I had not been the big pain the ass that I was, Maggie could've died!!! This Cancer could've spread all over her body or worse, the tumor could've caused sepsis and organ failure! So friends...ADVOCATE for your kids. Don't take NO for an answer. Even when a Doctor looks you square in the face and says "There's nothing more I can do for you. Sometimes these things just happen and there's no explanation", you say "LOOK HARDER!" You kick, scream, bite and fuss until your voice is heard and you get the answers you need. Remember, we know our children more than anyone else. 

Thank you for your support during these hard days and for the many tough ones to come. We are so grateful for your love and feel your prayers and good energy.

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I'm so happy to announce that after 6 intense rounds of 3 very harsh chemotherapy treatments and 5 months in and out of the hospital, Maggie Hope Lent is officially CANCER FREE!!!! She did it guys! She kicked cancer's ass and is back on the road to recovery. Unfortunately the chemotherapy did take a toll on her hearing and she has suffered permanent hearing loss in her left ear and has mild to moderation hearing loss in her right ear. Hearing aide is doing it's magic and she's able to hear Mama's voice again! To say there is a LOVE/HATE relationship with chemo is an understatement. I will say that her permanent hearing loss is a small price to pay for saving her life and killing the Stage 3 Germ Cell Tumor. 

Once again, we love you all so much and are so honored and grateful for your thoughts and prayers throughout this terrifying journey. YOU ARE OUR TRIBE, OUR PEOPLE and we are forever grateful for your love and support!

Bell Ringing and Cancer Free Parade

Bell Ringing and Cancer Free Parade

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